6 Things That Can Make a Difference When Choosing Your Phnom Penh Hotel

Despite having a reliable tour company in Cambodia to work out all the details for your Phnom Penh trip, you can still feel stressed during your holiday there. Who wouldn’t get a headache after they’ve endured a long-haul flight and then find out they booked a crappy hotel after checking in?

Thankfully, the internet provides a bigger chance to avoid such scenarios since you can do all the advance research you need months before your trip. While the preference for the type of accommodation varies from one traveler to another, there are certain features you should look for in a property. These can make all the difference to your overall experience when visiting the capital city of Cambodia.

1. In-house travel services.

Imagine how convenient it would be to have a tour company in Cambodia located in the hotel you’re staying at. As a foreigner, it can be so much easier to learn about the locals, place, and culture when you have easy access to Phnom Penh travel experts. You can get tips on the nearest or best places to eat, shop, bar hop, do laundry, and more. Plus, it can be easier to plan an itinerary since a travel tour company in Phnom Penh can assist you with sightseeing packages, transportation booking, and even visa processing.

2. A comfy bed.

Getting your beauty rest is important when you’re traveling, especially when you have a full-packed itinerary. You want to make sure you have a big enough bed with a comfortable mattress so having a good night’s sleep won’t be a problem. Of course, you also want to check if the hotel uses fresh and clean sheets.

3. Clean bathroom.

Good water pressure, cold and hot shower options, a good size bath area and a bidet are some basic comforts you’d expect every hospitality establishment to provide. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. So, make sure to check the bathroom features and pictures before you book a room.

Most importantly, check if the toilet and bath area are clean. Some hotels may have very simple bathrooms, but these spaces are spic-and-span. Besides, what good is a big bathtub if it’s covered in scary-looking goop? You want to have a clean place where you can relieve yourself comfortably and freshen up without constantly thinking about germs lurking in your surroundings.

4. Good facilities.

While not everyone prefers or can afford to stay in luxury accommodation, that doesn’t mean you can’t find decent lodgings with good facilities that are well-maintained. An air conditioner in good working order inside the room, a pool (even a small one), an on-site bar or cafe, a pocket garden or small courtyard, and reliable Wi-Fi connection can make certain hotels stand out from others.

5. A nice view.

Some travelers won’t really mind how big the hotel room is or how luxurious the amenities are as long as it has access to a nice view. Seeing the city, ocean, hills, forest, and other beautiful surrounding landscape allows you to have a better connection with the place.

6. The small details.

Having clean and fluffy towels, free toiletries, minibars, complimentary welcome drinks, free assistance in booking a travel tour in Phnom Penh, or a souvenir token are little things that can make a big difference to your hotel stay. Exemplary service is another feature that can make even small hospitality establishments stand out from luxury hotels.

Ultimately, knowing what features are important to ou can make all the difference when choosing the right hotel in Phnom Penh. With the variety of accommodations available in the city, there is something for everyone.

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